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Our Immediate Animation Process Follow All Standard Guidelines

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Steps of Our Animation Process.

01. Briefing

Before we begin to animate the video, our creative team will listen to your ideas, and we will try to make the video of your demand. We will make the video after knowing your targeted viewers, deadlines, and estimates.

03. Storyboard

A storyboard is the visual content of the video. It shows scene-by-scene how the video or story will stream by characterized the visuals, items, and activities. It tends to be hand-drawn representations, or you can likewise utilize programming like Storyboarding and Plot to draw your storyboard.

05. Animation & SFX

The animation stage is where you add development to your story and make it all the more impressive. At long last, your 2D animation video begins taking shape. Videotoonz Animators add life to the characters, graphics and scenes.

02. Content

Your idea and content for the video resemble its establishment, and it should be solid. You can come up with a video thought that is character-driven, brings out compelling feelings, helps start a discussion, or it very well may be more theoretical.

04. Voiceover

Our subsequent stage is to discover the ideal voice to coordinate with your image and monetary arrangement – it can either be described by one of our voice-over specialists or one based on your personal preference. Videotoonz add an infectious voice of our voice craftsman to your video.

06. Finalization

We’re currently practically done! We give it some last contact with the goal that it is perfect when the substance gets out. Your energized video is all set viral and makes fervor!

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