2D Animation Pipeline: A Start-to-Finish Guide (2024 update)

Animation is everywhere in our world. 2D Animation is critical for stories, from conventional cartoons to contemporary ads. In this academic, we can show you how to make 2D Animation Pipeline from start to finish.

We’ll cover everything, like brainstorming and finishing the Animation. This tutorial is for anybody interested in learning more about 2D animation services. We will explain everything step by step so that you can grasp it. Let’s start making some nifty animations.

Introduction to 2D Animation

Understanding the basics : 2D Animation Pipeline

2D animation services involve making things move in a flat space. Unlike 3D Animation, where things seem deeper, 2D Animation keeps it simple. It’s like drawing on paper and making the drawings come alive. Instead of working in a 3D international, 2D Animation focuses on shifting images on a flat surface. It’s like looking at a caricature or a flipbook. With 2D animation services, artists bring characters and scenes to life using drawings and digital tools. So, if you need clear and charming Animation, 2D animation services are the way to go.

Importance of 2D Animation in various industries

2D animation services are essential in many areas, not just for fun. They’re used in schools for selling things, games, and more. They’re so helpful because they can explain hard stuff in a way that’s easy to understand and keeps people interested. Regarding learning, 2D animations make lessons more fun and more accessible to remember. In ads, they help tell stories that make brands seem more friendly and memorable. And in games, they make everything look more relaxed and more exciting. Because 2D Animation is easy to use and can be used in many ways, it’s a super helpful tool for getting messages across to people in all kinds of jobs.

Pre-Production Phase

Concept development

Concept development is the first step when making excellent 2D animation services. Before starting to animate, knowing what you want to show is essential. It could be for a short movie or an ad. Talking and drawing ideas on a board can help. It helps you see the story, the people, and how things will look. When you have a good idea, the rest is more accessible. You can make sure your 2D Animation Pipeline talk to people in the right way.


Storyboarding is like drawing a plan for your cartoon. You draw pictures to show what will happen in each part of your Animation. It helps you know how fast things will move and where the camera will look. Before you start animating, it’s essential to make a storyboard. It helps everyone understand what needs to be done. At a 2D animation agency, people who draw storyboards ensure everything looks good before animating.

Character design

Character design is essential in 2D Animation! It’s about making characters look good and show feelings well. Whether it’s people, animals, or magic creatures, they need to look nice and show emotions. When discussing character design, it means drawing a lot until they look right. It’s like polishing a stone until it shines! And guess what? The best 2D animation agencies know this very well. They’re experts at making characters that everyone loves. If you want great characters in your Animation, you should work with a top 2D animation agency.

Production Phase about 2D Animation Pipeline

Creating keyframes

In 2D Animation, keyframes are super important. They’re like extensive checkpoints in the Animation. Keyframes show the primary poses or positions. They help figure out how characters and things move. Making keyframes means drawing the most important frames. It’s like making the skeleton of the Animation. This skeleton helps give the Animation its motion. For any 2D animation agency, getting keyframes right is crucial. They’re the foundation that holds the whole Animation together. Making sure they’re clear and well-drawn is super important. They guide the entire animation process from start to finish.


In-betweening, or tweening, is like connecting the dots in a picture. It fills the empty spaces between critical points to move to look smooth like a river flowing. It’s super important to make the Animation look natural and soft. Think of it as adding the missing puzzle pieces to complete the picture. To do it well, you must pay close attention to when things happen and how much space they cover. In Animation, the best 2D explainers use in-between to make their characters move seamlessly like they’re dancing on air.

Background design

The background sets the stage for your Animation. Whether a bustling city or a serene geographical region, the heritage should complement the characters and enhance the storytelling. Background design involves creating detailed scenery that adds depth to the Animation.

Animation Software

Popular Tools for 2D Animation

Numerous tools are available to choose from when creating the best 2D explainers. Adobe Vitalize, Toon Blast Concordance, and Clasp Studio Paint are the most well-known. Each software option has its own set of capabilities and features. For instance, Adobe Energize is magnificent for making intelligent activities, while Toon Blast Congruity is known for its high-level apparatus abilities. Then again, Clasp Studio Paint is inclined toward its usability and moderateness. You can pick the best device for your 2D liveliness projects depending on your necessities and inclinations.

Comparison and features

When picking animation software, think about how easy it is to use if it works well with other tools, and if there’s good support available. Check for features like onion skinning, rigging, and timeline editing to make your work easier. These features help you see previous frames, control character movements, and organize your animation timeline better. So, consider these factors to find the right software that fits your needs and makes your workflow smoother.

Exporting and Delivery

File formats for different platforms

Different places need different kinds of files to play your Animation best. Most people use MP4, MOV, and GIF for 2D animations. It would help if you thought about where your Animation will be seen and saved it in the correct file for that place.

Optimizing for online streaming

When you put your Animation online, making it work well for streaming is essential. It means making the file smaller without losing quality. Pick the correct settings to make sure it loads fast and plays smoothly.

Tips for Efficiency

Time management strategies

Animation takes time, so managing your time well is essential. Split your work into smaller parts and give yourself deadlines. Use things like lists and calendars to decide what to do first.

Collaboration techniques

Talking to each other is essential when you’re in a team. Tools like shared folders and project apps can help everyone work together better. They ensure everyone knows what’s happening and what they need to do. So, let’s talk and use these tools to make our project awesome!

Common Challenges and Solutions

Overcoming creative blocks

Animation requires creativity, but even the most imaginative individuals can experience blocks. Take breaks when needed, seek inspiration from other sources, and be bold and experiment with different ideas until you find what works.

Dealing with technical glitches

Mistakes happen in Animation, but don’t worry! With patience and problem-solving, you can fix them. Permanently save copies of your work and update your software regularly. If you need help, ask for help from online groups or forums. Together, we can solve any technical issues that come our way.


Becoming great at 2D Animation needs creativity, tech skills, and carefulness. Every step from idea to finished product matters a lot. Following this guide and knowing what’s new in the field can significantly help you. You can start your journey into 2D Animation with ease. If you need help, check out the best 2D explainer videos, 2D animation services, or 2D animation agencies. They can give you the support and tools you need to succeed.

Unique FAQs

What applications do pros use for 2D Animation?

Professional artists may utilize Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, and CS Paint to create 2D Animation. Each tool has first-rate capabilities for exceptional types of Animation.

What amount of time is required to make a 2D animation?

It depends on how complex and lengthy it is and the number of human paintings on it. Short ones take a few weeks, but large projects take months.

What do you want to be an outstanding 2D animator?

It helps determine if you have been correctly drawing, telling memories, and coping with your time. You also need to know how to use animation software. Being able to talk and work well with others is essential, too.

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