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Everything there is to know about explainer videos will be covered today, including types, examples, and advice on creating an amazing explainer video that will increase conversion rates. Are you ready to learn why explainer videos are essential for any new company? read 5 best explainer videos:

Now let’s get going!

An explainer video: what is it?

Explainer videos are quick internet marketing films that you can use to describe the goods or services your business offers. Explainer videos are frequently posted on a product page that is prominent, the home page of your website, or a landing page. These videos have gained a lot of popularity; some websites claim that adding an explainer video to their website increased conversion rates by up to 144%.

Online videos are unquestionably excellent resources for businesses. So how can one create their own explainer videos USA, is the question.

Today, our focus will be on:

The top explainer videos on the internet and their rationale

The benefits of explainer videos for businesses

The various kinds of explainer videos that you can create

How to make an explainer videos for your website


Categories of instructional videos

Live-Action Explainer Videos: A promotional video that isn’t animated that explains the goods or services offered by your company. The PooPourri and Dollar Shave Club videos are two instances of this (see below). The best use cases for live-action explainer videos examples are typically those that sell tangible goods or services that are focused on people, like restaurants or consulting firms. Using real people in your explainer video can help viewers feel more emotionally connected because people are drawn to other real people’s faces.

Social media live streams: They are essentially live-action videos without the editing capability. While raw footage may be a little unsettling, it humanises your brand and demonstrates that you have nothing to hide. How to stream live on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is provided here. Upon finishing the video, you do have the choice to save it to your account.

The most common kind of explainer video is an animated one, which is frequently used to describe services or intangible tech items like software. For certain services, live action is not an option because there are very few, if any, physical objects involved. More creativity can be used in animated explainer videos, which are also simpler to update or edit in the future. Use our list of video editing programmes to locate a solution that suits your needs.

Videos with animation that are hand-drawn and erased on a whiteboard are known as whiteboard explainer videos. This is one of the least expensive explainer video formats to make, and it has gained popularity because it is simple to use and inexpensive.

Seven excellent examples of explainer videos

There are many excellent explainer video examples available, as these promo videos are growing in popularity. We’d like to show you a few of our favourites.

You can tell Dollar Shave Club is aiming for something edgy by looking at the title of their video, “ – Our Blades Are really Great.” They follow through and really go for it with this absurd video, which we also highlighted in our blog post regarding humorous ads. Why does this explainer video function so effectively? Dollar Shave Club is extremely familiar with their target market. Men in their 20s and 30s who would be amenable to ordering a regular supply of razors online make up their target market. The language and humour in the video are exactly right for their target demographic.

An excellent illustration of a well-organized explainer video is Dollar Shave Club. They begin by giving a quick synopsis of the service (get fantastic razors delivered to your door for $1/month), outlining the issue (most blades are too expensive, have unnecessary features that drive up prices, and it’s easy to forget to buy new razors), and restating the solution (cheap blades delivered monthly to your door) that their service offers.

2. Poo-Pourri

It’s hardly surprising that PooPourri and Dollar Shave Club have such similar styles as they are successful for many of the same reasons. The explainer video for PooPourri is primarily live action, but it occasionally cuts to animation to demonstrate the nuances of the system’s operation (because nobody wants to watch a live action load being dropped into a toilet). Additionally, notice the large green button at the end of the video, which begs to be clicked and concludes with a powerful call to action.

It’s important to note that most businesses would benefit more from subtle humour, so it would be challenging to match this tone of humour for your own explainer video. Since PooPourri is a ridiculous product, their humour is also sometimes ridiculous.

3. Mint

Mint is a prime illustration of why some companies would do far better with animation than with live action. Mint uses animation to demonstrate how it gathers financial data from various areas of a user’s life and compiles it into a single setup. In order to familiarise viewers with the layout and design of the product, Mint’s animated explainer video also includes screenshots of the real thing.

4. HomeAway

Airbnb showcases the distinctive (and affordably priced) experiences that can be had by utilising Air Bnb through an interesting blend of live action and animation. The advantages of the Airbnb system are effectively illustrated and verbally explained in this explainer video.

5. Music streaming

Spotify uses a catchy soundtrack and entertaining animation to describe their digital music service. We already recognise the video because it blends in perfectly with Spotify’s design and has fast-paced editing that matches the upbeat music. It doesn’t take much to explain that Spotify is all about the music; all it takes is a song and a few lines of text to convey this.

Which explainer video examples are your favourites and why? Why appeal to you about them? Tell us in the comments below!

How to create a tutorial video

We’ll walk you through the process of creating your very own explainer video! Although it will take a great deal of concentration and effort, we can assure you that the task will be worthwhile.

You’ll need to concentrate most of your attention on the script. Even if you decide to work with a production company, writing the script for your explainer video yourself is still the best explainer videos option. The video is where those worries need to be addressed because you are the one who knows your target customer’s problems and concerns the best. What terrifies potential clients? What about your offering or product is confusing to them? If you haven’t already conducted any research to address these queries, this is the ideal opportunity to think about polling your audience to find out.

It is advised that the script for your explainer video adhere to this broad format.

1. A brief synopsis of your product’s functions

2. Describe the issue

3. Provide a solution to the issue (through a good or service).

4. Call to action (click here to sign up for our free trial, for example!)

5. Send out your trust signals (references, accolades, articles, etc.)

Best practices for explaining video scripts

It should not last longer than 90 seconds.

The first thirty seconds should contain your main point and value proposition. Avoid leaving people in suspense.

Use words like “You” and “Your” when speaking in the second person.

Don’t alienate viewers by using technical terms they won’t understand; instead, speak simply.

Remember the tone you want to use with your explainer video. A conversational, informal tone is chosen for most videos.

Try adding a little humour; people find videos that make you laugh out loud more entertaining.

Step 2: Voiceover recordings

A voiceover will be required after you have a screenplay. A few choices are: A vast network of experienced voice actors is available for selection on this website.

Craigslist: Ah, the dependable old site. Voiceovers are among the many things you can find on crazy Craigslist.

Fiverr: Yes, you can use Fiverr to get a good voice actor for your explainer video for as little as $5! More than that is most likely required ($5 is typically the starting price; some charge by the word, others by the second). It’s likely that you won’t be in the lowest price range. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a voiceover anywhere for less money.

Step3: Create an explanation video

When it comes to actually creating and producing your explainer video, there are several avenues you can pursue. Alternatives consist of…

Show Off to the Pros: If you want to create a fantastic promotional video, there are a number of expert video production companies available. Should you choose this course, your explainer video expenses will be quite substantial – budget between $5,000 and $20,000 for such a service. Aside from the fact that your video will look fantastic, you’ll have professional videographers assisting you at every turn. Consider checking out the explainer video services offered by Demo Duck, Wyzowl, LessFilms, Flikli, Explainly, Yum Yum Videos, and Studio Pigeon.

Pow Toon is the best option if you’re creating animated explainer videos on a budget, don’t have any prior animation experience, and want to do it yourself. This animated explainer video software is accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of computers. It’s not going to be a masterpiece, but it’s free and simple to make, at least at first. They even provide a series of tutorials to help you construct your creation.

Yes, you can record your own explainer video using an iPhone! DIY Explainer Video: This fantastic post from Wistia will explain how to do it. Making explainer videos at home on your own is a great way to cut costs. iMovie or Camtasia are good options for editing. This Salsify animation toolkit has a tonne of fantastic animation tools and resources that you can use if you want to attempt a DIY animated explainer video.

Step 4: Sound effects and music

It’s likely that your explainer video, whether it’s animated or live-action, needs some lovely music and sound effects. A few locations to find tracks are…

MusOpen: Provides free music resources, including sheet music and recordings.

Free Sound: A collection of recordings and audio samples with Creative Commons licences.

YouTube: The undisputed leader in videos itself provides free background music for use in videos.

Sound effects, loops, and other royalty-free audio files can be found at Audio Jungle.

Audacity: This free programme helps you make your own audio files instead of providing access to pre-existing ones.

Keep in mind to carefully read the fine print on these websites to find out what is and isn’t allowed under the licencing agreement for the sound file. Some are royalty-free and inexpensive to buy once, while others demand credit, etc. For assistance with this, refer to our helpful guide on using music in advertisements (without getting sued!).

Step 5: Evaluate how well your explainer video is performing.

Track viewer engagement with your videos and prepare to make extensive edits. YouTube Insight will provide you with some good data, but if you’re willing to set up some clever custom event tracking, Google Analytics can take you even further.

Consider watching plays, pauses, the proportion of viewers who watch for 30 versus 60 seconds, etc. Additionally, Wistia offers some excellent options for tracking analytics and facilitates the syncing of Wistia with Google Analytics.

Enjoy the benefits of your newly created explainer video now!

There are a tonne of advantages to explainer videos, including:

Boosting the number of conversions

Using video content to improve SEO search rankings—after all, 70% of the top 100 search results contain video!

retaining visitors on your page for twice as long

Spreading the word about your product is simple with videos, which you can post on Twitter and Facebook.

Repurposing for different purposes: an explainer video can be used, among other things, as an email signature and an investor pitch.

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